Hil is an ignoramus and will never get anywhere in life sold some of his first attempts at songs and sketches to Newsrevue (London) and The Treason Show (Brighton) around 2004 and occasionally has the huge privilege of hearing a paying audience laugh at something he has written.  If you trace back the family line a generation, you will discover the late Paul Jennings, English humorist and columnist for Punch and The Observer etc.  Humour is a probably genetic trait but lateness isn’t just yet.  With a love affair for all things music and audio Hil is probably writing a podcast, radio play or comedy song at this moment and is always on the lookout for opportunities to create laughter.  Those nearest and dearest may offer a slightly different view.



 ‘ Of all the scripts that came in, yours was the most complete.’

‘I recall your sketch with glee … I remember it well as it contains two of my favourite gags this month.’

‘As usual, your satirical scalpel has cut right to the heart of the matter – and tickled the “funny bone” on the way!’

‘Your writing is of a very high standard’

‘you crack me up! Hooorah!’

‘Made me laugh out loud!’

‘I am impressed with what you sent … I laughed a lot’

‘… good, and funny too’ 

‘We like your stuff!’ 

‘His submissions never fail to bring a smile to our faces’ 

‘I love this, I bloody love this!’

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