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I’m keeping the day job

December 2, 2013 Leave a comment

This is the sort of festive twaddle you get if for some obscure reason you follow @suffolkpiano on twitter. I apologise in advance.

I went to that Scandinavian ice hotel last Christmas. Have to say it was a frosty reception.

Just been found guilty of posting an abusive Christmas tweet. It’s unlikely to be a long sentence though.

How can you tell if a polar bear has been drinking? He’s not arcticulating very well.

What’s the best way to nourish someone? It’s just Delia Smiths’s asking. Sounds like she’s had a few.

What’s more dangerous than people wearing paper hats next to candles? Drunk people wearing paper hats next to candles.

Who ate all the Christmas stockings? The goats of Christmas present.


Cheese again?

November 21, 2013 Leave a comment

Well! Look at that! Christmas decorations up already means I am legally allowed to plug our Christmas single in aid of clean drinking water again :)

As I said last year, it carries a severe cheesy warning so please spread it if you like it.


Download it from iTunes or Amazon mp3 and help us build more of these little beauties!



Christmas Angel charity single

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Okay, I admit it, I like this song.  Mainly because I wrote it but also because it’s probably going to be as annoying as Slade and Wizzard every year from now judging by the response so far,  but it will be raising funds for clean water projects.  So please buy it all ye post-modern closet cheese-lovers.

Only 79p to help stop some kid being raped when going to fetch water from the local stagnant pond?  And in return I get an irritating-because-I’m-an-atheist-though-actually-damn-you-likeable song?   Yep.

Thank you. Merry C…an’t say it yet.

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