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2,500 Miles Later

September 28, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

Airbnb, if you haven’t yet met it, can take you into the unknown.

We had planned the first week and a half of an Italy trip but had no idea what lay beyond. So it was a pleasant surprise to find ourselves at an apartment close to Lake Garda with no particular schedule for the few remaining days other than to eat cheese and fall off mountain bikes.

Well, she did. I keep forgetting she was never the 9 year old boy I once was, daring myself to do stupid things. I’m going to have to avoid taking her to slopes in Italy because it happened skiing a few years back too. Then though, she was attended to by a posse of 15 handsome young Italian medics all keen to practice making a huge fuss of a poor, abused Englishwoman with a husband so evil and inconsiderate they wouldn’t allow him in the medical room. But I digress…

This place we found was, I imagine, heaving in high season but it was September and most people had gone home.  We had the communal pool to ourselves but even better, and warmer, we had Lake Garda to swim in. Which was actually quite handy for soothing a bashed knee and various scrapes.

All too soon it was time to pack up again and leave the country which failed to fulfil my main reason for going; to find proper minestrone… I mean to talk to my darling girl for the first time in years without interruption.  We did talk in the car… quite loudly sometimes, particularly about French car ferry signage and Google maps not waking up after making the effort to do so in good time ourselves.

But we’re back.  The warning lights are still on but Vlad has exceeded all expectations and we can now get resume the business of proper sized cups of coffee and hacking back the garden.

It’s obviously been hot and sunny back in Blighty. Have we just needlessly spent a fortune? No. We had a great time. And where else would you see this?








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