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Ignoring the lights.

September 15, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments


Well we made it. Somehow.

The engine warning light came on just as we were about to enter that 17km tunnel under the Swiss Alps but Vlad kept on going and as we practically freewheeled 400 miles or so down into Italy (forgive the mixed units, I’m too tired to care), I was thinking, ‘we have to go back up this somehow … loaded with cheap wine and olive oil!’

Our introduction to the insanity that is the Milan motorway system… in the dark… deserves its own blog. I hope you don’t mind then, if I just blank it out completely, because I want to concentrate on how precious life truly is. And my doctor says I mustn’t go there again. Physically or mentally. How I’m going to get back home then remains even more a mystery…

So we’ve swum in the Ligurian sea on a beach plagued by hawkers and littered with so much plastic that it has put my #2minutebeachclean efforts into perspective. I’ve somehow not quite thrown up after eating the obligatory deep fried calamari and sat in other restaurants thinking the food is better at Prezzo back home.  In fact the Italians don’t appear to have much to offer beyond the staples. I was lured here by those damn food programmes. Extolling the virtues of Italian fare maybe one thing but you really have to know people who know exactly where to go for it. So far, so good then for a couple far too rusty and unpractised at the real art of walking into strange places.

With euros rapidly decreasing and morale dipping, we eventually meet up with friends whose house in the Tuscan hills we have come to help with.  We meet them at a supermarket for coffee and then try to keep pace round the hairpin bends until Pescaglia comes into view. How beautiful!  Here we will work (repointing medieval walls – as you do) and play for the next four days until our AirBandB booking kicks in.

The engine warning light is still on but Vlad seems to be running fine. Time to adopt the Italian strategy of ignoring all red lights and warning signs I think.









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