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Tuscany or Bussed

Well boy, that time of life is upon you. You know, you promised yourself you’d do the travelling if there was anything left of you after the kids were grown? Well there is so it’s That Time.

You had no clue how starting a family would pan out; but look, even if you’re none the wiser about what happened back there, it was fine, and your carriage awaits. And the wisdom of travelling to Italy … in a beaten up old Fiat?

You’ve checked the oil. You’ll be fine!

Ladies and gents, I proudly present to you our transport of delight, Vladimir Punto.


He’s red, a bit dodgy and could take you into countries you probably shouldn’t go to. I bought him from a bloke who wasn’t actually there when I collected it…from Jaywick… I saw it on gumtree… 300 quid… I think that tells you everything you need to know about my attitude to risk. On the plus side it wasn’t dark at the time.

That was 2+ years ago. I may have spent a bit on it since.

We’ll be attempting to drive to Lucca. Or filthy Lucca as a friend called it.  I’ll let you know how it goes. I have visions of pushing old Vlad over a cliff to his spiritual home Italian Job-style and flying back. In fact we could fly there!

Nah. What would there be to write about?

Ciao X


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