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Do you mind? I mean, DO YOU MIND? I’ve been trying to give up writing for years. Well, trying to give up trying; getting back to where I started, writing solely for my own pleasure. Now this happens!

Somehow, somewhere down the line the whole ‘own pleasure’ thing got encouraged, dagnabit, by certain persons who should have acted more responsibly and not mentioned anything about ability and putting oneself forward etc. That went and led to some kind of bizarre merry-go-round of comps and opportunities, the inevitable rejections, stupidly late nights and all those excruciating writery things I promised myself a long time ago I’d have nothing to do with.

So lately, having realised I’m just a another dullard with nothing much to say, every time I promise myself I’ll get back to my former, HAPPY existence, the carrot gets dangled yet again. And today, not one, but two items have been short listed for consideration. Will you STOP doing that? My poor little ol’ heart can’t take it.

Actually though, now I think about it, the pieces that will fall at the last hurdle have been selected, are pieces with themes I chose and thus enjoyed writing.

Well now, it’s only taken what, ten years for that penny to drop? Like I said. Dullard.

PS. Did you know that the Welsh for ‘carrot’ happens to be ‘moron’?

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