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Just… wow!

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, I wasn’t going to go to the Olympics if we couldn’t get enough tickets together, which we didn’t.  The BBC coverage was excellent though and much flag-waving was done in the comfort of the house.

Some very nice friends then donated a couple of spare Paralympics tickets and it was decided that Mum & Dad should have a London break which mainly involved babysitting my sister’s two-year-old boy for a morning (no hard task for parents of teens … up until about 10.30).

Then it was off the the Olympic park for what turned out to be an absolute treat. Glorious weather, thousands of happy people, policemen on huge horses sneaking up behind a wheelchair occupant having her pic taken, and then a picnic.

Going into the stadium, we’d already noticed that we were in for a lot of finals in what became “Thriller Thursday” but were unprepared for the surprise of finding ourselves in row 13, just in front of the medals podium with a perfect view of everything.

As the action got underway, there were so many wonderful moments. Hannah Cockroft, David Weir and Johnny Peacock doing incredible things to delight us, the insanely patriotic home crowd. And yes, we gladly stood for the anthems of Russia, China and others, and we couldn’t wait until the end of the Marseillaise to applaud the partially sighted French lass who sang it with wonderful Gallic fervour.

But it wasn’t just track and field events providing us with entertainment.  As it grew dark, the sky was streaked with pink clouds, giving the appearance of some giant Sistene chapelesque celestial canopy. And there were angels. One behind me aged about seven, trying her best to sing along to every anthem and breaking into a cough on the high notes.

Three cheers and more for the Olympic  and Paralympic games!

May one of the biggest cheers of the night remain for this guy. 

A lesson to us all I think.

And if you missed these games, go enjoy Rio!

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