I got a slightly “we are not amused” response from some guys who were scrabbling around looking for new writers for advertising.  I mean, what’s wrong with “Grolsch! Not just the sound of last night’s lager binge”?   Living, as I do, in close proximity to a pub, it’s a familiar sound to me on a Saturday night.  No we mustn’t have humour in ads, it would never do.  See this sexy car? It’s really sexy. Honest. You might not think so but we’re telling you it’s sexy though we can’t think of a slogan to make you believe it…

Here, let me have a go… as the football is so rubbish …

Will it get me from A to B without me kicking it by the roadside and for less than my mortgage? Yes?  Well now,  that’s actually more interesting as a potential customer than your idiot sexy idea.  Right… slogan is… “Gets you to B” and then Shakespeare comes in bla, bla, bla, gets run over by said car and says “or not” etc etc. 

Okay, well you didn’t mention political correctness.

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