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Malt, single ladies, malt.

February 22, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of my absolute favourite ever smells is malt. Visiting Bury St Edmunds, home of Greene King beer the other day was an absolute delight.  The conversation went something like:

Wow! Smmmmh- haaaaahhhh! Why can’t they make an aftershave or that smells like that?  I’d actually consider buying some mens toiletries if they made more blokey stuff.  Maybe I should use whisky. I mean those cosmetics departments reek to high heaven of the most foul perfumes imaginable (and so the rant continues for a few more paragraphs…)
Yes but then you’d only attract blokes.
Let’s get lunch.

Seriously the parfum industry is missing a trick. You’ve no idea how repellent most of those expensive scents you wear are girls. Or … ohhh … I get it!  Like the mace spray idea. Clever.



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