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And we’re back

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Okay, time to crank up the word thing again.  I’ve been a busy boy writing this year’s no. 1 Christmas hit single, specially created to drive people insane. We’re recording it this coming Saturday and boy, I’ll be glad when it’s ‘in the can’!

There are so many stories attached to it. It started a few years back when I heard someone on radio say, “If you manage to write a Christmas hit single, you’re made for life” and I thought “Yeah, I can do that and I’ve no pension so why not?”  Wrote the thing, liked it, teenage kids hated it … so it must be good!  Others thought so too and the upshot is, we’re going to do it as a charity fundraiser.

I hadn’t appreciated though, that just writing a song is not enough. I’d assumed I’d play it to someone and they’d do all the rest. How wrong I was. Birthing involves parenting, I now realise.

” Does the solo need to be swung or straight?”

“At bar forty-eight, is that supposed to be an A flat?”

“I don’t know, maybe, I can’t notate music… I only made it up … it’s just what the computer printed off.. why is everyone asking me questions I can’t answer?  Waaah!”

It’s a beautiful contrast to the world of writing that people want to run with what you put in front of them.  It’ll be even more beautiful if it does raise some money for clean water in developing countries too.  I can only think as far as getting a decent take done on Saturday but…







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