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A couple of amusing things caught my eye this week.  I love that the skeleton of a dog was found on board King Henry VIII’s favourite ship , the Mary Rose, and that Tudor seafarers didn’t allow cats on board believing they brought bad luck (the ship sank).  All those evil Tudor cats yowling with delight, “that’ll learn ya” from the shore line.

Being a bit of a sticky-tape-fix man myself, my hero-of-the-week award (an unspecified length of string) goes to inventor Robert Harrison who captured some stunning images of earth from 21 miles high by gaffer taping a camera to a weather balloon. This Wallace and Gromit-esque feat means that the newly formed British Space Agency can pack up and go home now space has been discovered by a Brit.   Come back when you chaps have designed a less cringeworthy logo.  Honestly!

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