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Fluffy bunnies

Happy new year and all that.  So what is it now it’s not the noughties?  The Teenies?  The decade in which we all have a crisis of self-confidence and skulk about?  Not so different a decade then perhaps.  It seems to have started well in Midgetgemsville; walking home from the party with Mrs Gems it began to snow and was all romantic-like under the street lights.   As we skipped along I said I liked the word ‘flurries’ because it was like a mixture of ‘fluffy’ and ‘bunnies’ (I’ve decided that if alcohol gets me, I’ll be one of those happy drunks, not the angst-ridden dull sort).   Anyway, skirting the sick on the pavement, we made it home and the new woodburning stove was soon aglow with the piles of rejection slips and there was even some mulled wine left over from the teen party we’ d left going on here.  So yes, those Teenies, they’re not half as bad as people think!   Enjoy, and if you haven’t hopped about for a while … go on, you know you need a new year’s res.

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