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I wonder what the inhabitants of this place think about being observed so closely:


Call me old fashioned but if someone puts a step ladder up outside your house and begins to photograph everything, wouldn’t you call the police?  I’ve just been having a look at this street view thing and it looks like a  great tool for planning where to dump your getaway car or casing some remote joint ( not recommending you do).  There are unblurred number plates and faces all over the place and  at one sign in Norfolk reading “Farm Access Only”, that sinister black car has obviously driven along their lane to capture everything they have in their yard.

Give it a couple of years and with any luck the entire UK will look something like this if enough people complain.


Hands up now, who trusts multinationals to have their best interests at heart?

  1. March 20, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    As usual, your satirical scalpel has cut right to the heart of the matter – and tickled the “funny bone” on the way!

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